through experience
and experimentation

You can be a corporate entity, an association, a foundation or a local community. Your structure can be a great idea or already in the making, established or in the throes of change. You can be one, two, ten, a hundred or a thousand. You can create manufactured products or virtual solutions, bring together enthusiasts, manage territories or invent tomorrow’s food.

Whatever the case, you need to focus on your branding.
It’s infinitely better to develop it with the utmost care.

We generate great transformations with the discipline of craftsmen. We are the product of experience and experimentation. We cherish both intuition and method. We evolve with total freedom of movement within a constrained framework. We combine art and results, pleasure and rigor.

Since 2010, we’ve led hundreds of structures towards greater precision, aesthetics, clarity and freedom. A free and radical design, with a recognized and award-winning style, served by a constantly evolving method and a highly personal experience, which renews itself with each project.

Working with us means embarking together on a journey whose exact route and destination are unknown: but it’s a guaranteed leap forward, backed by 15 years of experience, outspokenness and freedom, proven successes and genuine encounters.


Establishment of the studio by Johan and Jean-Rémi, after several years each as freelancers in graphic design and web development.


First award at the Transform Awards (London) for the visual identity of


Publication of the book Rebranding Design (304 p., Images Publishing), which features several of our projects, and to which we were invited to write the preface.


We win the overall Grand Prize (Best overall visual identity) at the Transform Awards (London) for Aktuel’s visual identity.


Worldwide release of our online course filmed for Domestika, dedicated to the development of a radical, typographic branding project for an industrial issue.


TF1’s “8pm News”, presented by Anne-Claire Coudray, devotes a report to logo changes, filmed in our Paris workshop.


We pass the milestone of 300 publications dedicated to our visual identity work: the magazines étapes:, It’s Nice That, Print Magazine, AIGA, Communication Arts, Computer Arts, Creative Boom, PAGE Magazine, The Brand Identity or Brand New have documented many of our projects, while some of the best publishers regularly cover Brand Brothers’ production in their books (Viction:ary, Sandu Publishing, Counter-Print Books…).