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Losanje is a brand created with the goal of defining the most virtuous production model possible for the planet, while exceeding the current limits of upcycled clothing production. A brand that reflects what upcycling should become: accessible in terms of style, timeless while remaining trendy, and that offers the same customer experience as buying a new garment. Responsible clothing, using only second-hand clothes and textiles (sheets, curtains, etc.) as raw materials. Created in Nevers, the Losanje workshop is located in a former car garage, which was also the former printing site for many Nevers-based brands.

Brand Brothers was approached by the founder of Losanje to offer the brand a complete redesign of its graphic identity. We opted for a raw but appealing approach, based on a typeface entirely designed for the occasion, alternating between upper case for consonants and lower case for vowels. The monogram takes the opposite of the classical intentions, forming an eye on the base of the typogram. A collection of signs on a similar basis is thus to be born, which will be made in embroidery. The new identity was deployed on various materials during the winter of 2022, and was inaugurated on the spring collection.
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