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Since 1988, Aktuel has positioned itself as one of the key players in the rental of furniture, tableware and food equipment for events. The figures: 140 employees, 3 locations, 20,000m² of stock, 60 delivery vehicles, and an incalculable number of equipped events, from company conventions to major sports events and the largest trade fairs. But above all, Aktuel rightly claims, beyond its activity as a logistics provider, a human, simple and pragmatic approach, praised by all its customers for 30 years. An “office” made up of solid, reliable and committed people, a pleasant working relationship, and always successful projects.

We worked on the group’s strategic repositioning, in conjunction with HDO agency in Marseille, to achieve a new signature – Comptoir des bons espaces – and a graphic translation through a new brand identity.

Our design work was based on two ideas: to talk about the historical activity of a space planner while developing the new strategic vision set up during the positioning work. Three major elements make up the graphic identity: a grid, a dedicated typography and a set of forms. The new logo, a typogram designed for the brand, solid and stable, is available in a new complete headline font that forms the typographic framework of the new branding. A coloured pattern, infinitely adaptable, is added to this typographic base.
From stationery to merchandising, from the fleet of trucks to the application of the new identity on the brand’s booth at Heavent 2018, where the new branding was inaugurated, we have developed a rich and flexible system that encapsulates both rigour and empathy, and sets a distinctive style in the world of events.
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