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Henry Lemoine

Henry Lemoine is the oldest French publishing house, and the reference in musical scores; it was in 1772 that Antoine-Marcel Lemoine, composer, violinist and music teacher, founded the company at 556, rue de l’Echelle-Honoré in Paris. Still run by the Lemoine family, the company continues to celebrate 250 years of history, which will be celebrated in November 2022 at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, where the new visual identity created by Brand Brothers was unveiled.

We developed a new typeface for Henry Lemoine and all of its publishing houses. A stable and contemporary lettering, completed by a HL monogram that unites all the names. This monogram uses the structure of the double eighth note and provides Henry Lemoine with a timeless, rhythmic and sophisticated sign. Associated with two accompanying typefaces, Orelo (Pizza Typefaces) and Diatype (Dinamo), the new visual system allows for the complete renewal of the score catalog, allowing for a clear hierarchy and variety that responds to the completeness of the publication offer. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary event, a book tracing the history of the company, based on the graphic charter, was designed by Studio Vicente Granger, and presented alongside the new visual territory.
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