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Nown (ex-Arktura EMEA), a group of Amsterdam-based architects, designers, programmers, engineers and artists, claims to be the leading manufacturer of carbon-neutral architectural products. Specializing in elevated design, the company produces easy-to-install, 100% carbon-neutral, award-winning ceiling panels, wall panels, partitions and acoustic baffles. True experimenters in space and form, the Nown team produces entirely at their Amsterdam facility, with the quality standards and obsession with detail that have made their reputation worldwide.

Brand Brothers was commissioned to create Nown’s entire visual identity, with the mission of telling the story of elevation, precision and obsession with beauty through typography and a complete graphic system. The new typogram is a 100% custom design, punctuated by a clean cut, repetitive angles and precise meeting points between segments. The result is a precious graphic object that combines design and engineering. The graphic system revolves around the pivotal angle of the characters to form a series of components that tell the story of Nown products through abstraction, modularity and ease of use. An extensive color palette and the methodical use of the Replica typeface (by Norm, published by Lineto) complete an experimental yet sophisticated branding designed to last.
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