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SuperSpaces, created by SUPERBIEN (one of the world’s leading producers of innovative multimedia experiences, based in Paris and New York) are borderless artistic playgrounds that fuse live performance, creative technologies, gaming mechanics, and participative storytelling to create communal awakening adventures. At the edge of the explored and the unknown, SuperSpaces can find new meanings, new depths, new perspectives. It’s about architecting a radically new form of purposeful entertainment that catalyzes acts of expansion, big or small, inspiring us to connect with our visceral emotions, open doors, and push boundaries.

At the genesis of the project, SUPERBIEN approached Brand Brothers to design the identity territory for SuperSpaces. We designed a typographic language that recounts the plasticity of lived experiences, presenting an expression of the logo in constant motion. The SuperSpaces typeface, slender and spectacular, is offered in 20 different versions according to a precise construction matrix. Complemented by a star-shaped monogram resulting from the combination of 3 ‘S’s, this identity spreads across a flexible, combinatory visual universe, blending narrative and image, destined to live on media of multiple proportions. Unpublished project.
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