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Festik is a ticketing service company for cultural events that offers a solution to manage the entire chain: internet presales, on-site presales, relations with distributors, on-site sales and control, reporting. Based in Toulouse, Festik claims a true sense of service, being able to adapt its technical and human resources to any type of event, from local festivals to large-scale tours. Wishing to move from a regional service provider to a national player, the company commissioned Brand Brothers to develop a new graphic system.

Our work is based around a new logo with a typographic design developed for the occasion: a solid and stable construction and reduced letter-spacing that gives the typographic block an ideal presence and visibility. The K becomes the pivot of the identity; it is the starting point of the visual system, composed of geometric shapes that remind the shape of event tickets, as well as a set of bright colours. The elements of the visual territory offer Festik the possibility of a simple and versatile graphic design.
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Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design

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