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Code Civil

New laws of refinement

Code Civil is the new luxury fashion and lifestyle destination in Belgium. A two-stage opening: a pilot boutique in Knokke-Heist on the coast in the summer of 2018 before the flagship opens on the prestigious Avenue Louise in Brussels, in a splendid building of 1500m² and 4 floors dating from the mid-19th century, initially intended for a law firm. Beyond the simple concept store gathering the most prominent designers, from Courrèges to MSGM via Neil Barrett or Cédric Charlier, Code Civil is a lifetsyle destination at the antipodes of the cold and elitist luxury boutique, where you can dine, meet your friends, enjoy the services of a high-end concierge or get dressed up in the beauty lounge, organize an event and occasionally enjoy works of art.

The founder of the place contacted us in order to build with her her brand, her identity and her positioning from the very beginning, as close as possible to her convictions and the passion that animates her. We have imagined the name, Civil Code, in reference both to the initial occupants of the Brussels address, the lawyers, but also to the vocation of the place: redefining the laws of civil life, elegance and luxury.

We then built a visual identity based on an observation: traditional luxury, based on an indisputable heritage, can claim more grandiloquence and decorative elements. The new luxury, a reflection of our times, takes the complete opposite of what characterizes the luxury of the golden age of neoliberalism. We have developed a graphic language based on the juxtaposition, even the collision of the exquisite and the banal.

The logo is a dedicated monospaced typographic design with certain graphic subtleties, which give it a personality that is both raw and sophisticated. The graphic language is composed of a minimum number of visual elements; it is built solely on the basis of typographical compositions, a certain management of space and white circulation. The rest of the branding will be to discover at the end of the year when the Brussels address opens.

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