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“Apocope”, from the Greek apokoptian, is a figure of speech that is characterized by the abbreviation of a complete word, keeping only the first syllables. Repu, Mat, Capu, Montpel, Stras… . The French love to speak in apocopes, it is a strong marker of French culture and urban style. This attitude is also a reflection of our active lives, always on the move, where we seek to shorten to save time. This practicality resonates with the primary function of the leather goods and their usefulness to the man who wears them.
Apocope was launched in 2021 in Paris and focuses on men’s leather goods, with a focus on materials and their provenance, all combined with a minimalist and precise design, imagined in the brand’s Parisian workshop.
Brand Brothers was commissioned to create the graphic identity; thus, based on an in-house typogram, strong and rhythmic, our work is articulated around typographic compositions, sometimes pure, sometimes maximalist. The monogram, Apo (the apocope of Apocope!) becomes a pivot around which the messages are composed and decomposed.
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