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Union des Librairies Musicales

Union des Libraires Musicales is the French national association of producers and publishers of production music. It is the organization that brings together music professionals for audiovisual projects: documentaries, short and long movies, advertising, institutional films etc… Its mission is to dust off and popularise the use of production music, while advocating for the respect of authors’ rights; it is an association with an educational aim, but also one of defence of interests. Among other things, it promotes the great ease of use of production music, the growing quality of productions and the variety of styles available.

We have developed a new graphic identity for the association as well as a scalable visual system, based on the strength of words as much as visual language. The new logo is composed of a home-made typographic design, built on the basis of fixed width letters, supplemented by three black stripes, a minimalist graphic contraction of the audio tracks in CAD (computer-assisted music) software. These stripes become the starting point of the graphic system, which, combined with the Buzz Black (ECAL Typefaces) and Wasa (Pizza Typefaces) typefaces and a palette of bold colours, makes it possible to develop entire series of messages that spread over different areas of expression. The verbal tonality is sometimes militant, sometimes playful, by betting on the diversity of musical styles, via semantic or sound oppositions: Speedcore/Slow Fox, French Touch/Italo Disco, Black Metal/Bluegrass…
A new website was designed and developed at the studio, marking the changeover to the new graphic identity at the beginning of 2021.
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