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The Candist

Sweet & Serious
The Candist is a Parisian sweets brand, which claims loud and clear that candy can be an object of refinement, and can be tasted at any time in an uninhibited way. Assuming an irreverent tone since its creation, its founder, Michael Koskas, approached us to rethink the brand’s graphic identity and artistic direction. This project, which was nevertheless carried through to completion, did not finally see the light of day.
We repositioned The Candist around the tagline “Sweet and Serious”, a double-sided message that develops infinitely and becomes the verbal leitmotif of the brand. An exaggerated, almost outrageous chic, which also translates into visual and graphic elements. The typographic identity created for The Candist, compressed, with inverted contrasts, navigates between sophistication and temptation. A new series of photographs has been orchestrated to establish the positioning; produced by the duo Cécile & Guillaume and the art director and set Ddesigner Cassandra Moreira at the Hotel Saint Marc (Paris), it completes the system by playing on exaggeration and scandal.

Unpublished project.

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