Les Méditerranées

Since 1976 and the opening of its first campsite, the family of the founder of the Méditerranées, winegrowers and wine merchants of Marseillan (Hérault, South of France), has built a group of 3 luxury campsites in the heart of a privileged region. When General De Gaulle flew over Marseillan, didn’t he say that this land looked like the new Florida? Charlemagne, New Florida and Beach Garden are three 5-star campsites with free access between the three sites and direct access to the sea. Voted the best campsites in Europe in 2016 by DCC Europe, Les Méditerranées are the finest example of French open-air hotel accommodation, including high-end accommodation set in the heart of nature, aquatic areas and a spa.

Les Méditerranées and the Leon Travel & Tourism agency have commissioned Brand Brothers to develop a new graphic identity, which was inaugurated in November 2020 and will be gradually rolled out on the sites for the opening of the 2021 summer season. For this first phase, a new logo was created, based on a typographic design developed in the studio and a new symbol. This identity cleverly bridges the gap between the elegance of a fine and harmonious symbol, in the evocation of more than in the representation, and a typographic block with a unifying and warm design.Navigating between sophistication and vividness, the new visual territory plays on a new colour palette and the association of two new typefaces, Bianco Serif and Telegraf, while leaving the emphasis on the images. The graphic language has been upgraded and is now used in editorial and online media, while awaiting its forthcoming roll-out on the 3 campsites.


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Visual identity
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