The artistic furniture line by designer Harold Sangouard

Harow is a french design studio lead by Harold Sangouard, where he creates products that are the perfect blend between art and design, bringing the first one into the second one in his limited editions of contemporary furniture. the studio’s philosophy doesn’t follow any trend but instead focuses on the beauty of the objects, that result in a pleasurable viewing. for this occasion, Harow is giving us a behind the scenes look into the different stages of the process of creating his unique pieces, that start as a piece of art and are then transformed into functional objects.

Hence we asked ourselves the following questions: how to give such a strong artistic furniture creator a great and relevant visual identity, without being too commercial? Is it possible to respect its free spirit in a branding work? The goal of the brand design work is not to create the whole spirit of the brand with a logo, but to provide a minimalist signature identity and a strong sign made to highlight the personality and the creative vision around a visual guideline. We designed a monolithic, stable, rigorous and timeless graphic identity and visual system, which has been unveiled in Monte Carlo in April 2016.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design




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