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Baehl defines itself as a European strategic healthcare boutique providing services in innovation strategy, market entry, clinical adoption and market launch. Based in Paris but operating across many countries, they work on the most advanced issues related to innovation for health and offer integrated services and cover the complete lifecycle of a product or business. Baehl is a team of senior innovators, strategists, scientists, medical doctors and market explorers who together help building the future of healthcare across all sectors of the life sciences industry.

Brand Brothers was commissioned to redefine the company’s graphic identity. We opted for a sleek but structured typographyic design, made for the occasion, whose lines subtly evoke a dynamic of growth and forward projection. Based on the curves of the B, we developed a generative pattern, used in black monochrome or coupled with experimental textures reminiscent of the world of research. This rich and organic texture is complemented by a simple and structured design, based on Labil Grotesk (Kometa).


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Motion design
Naming / copywriting
Editorial design
Web design