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Student entrepreneurship from Paris Seine University
Wenovia is the centre of support for student entrepreneurship at the Université Paris Seine, composed of 15 schools and universities in western Paris, ranging from ESSEC to the University of Cergy-Pontoise, as well as renowned engineering schools. There are more than 37,000 students in the community; in the short term, Wenovia will be extended to Normandy universities. By boosting the students’ capacity for innovation and boldness, the structure offers quality methods and support, enabling them to develop entrepreneurial projects during their studies.

Brand Brothers was called upon to translate the ambition of this project into a visual identity. The first phase of the branding that we worked on was presented to the actors of the project and the local elected representatives, during the inauguration of Wenovia’s Cergy-Pontoise coworking space in February 2018. The Wenovia logo is an original typographic design. Composed of capital letters, thick and solid, it includes 3 elements shifted within the lettering itself, referring both to the forward vision advocated by the approach, but also to the brutalist architectural style of the fief of Wenovia, Cergy-Pontoise (in particular its prefecture in the form of an inverted pyramid). We have developed a sober and structured graphic territory, in echo with the graphic radicalism of the logo, which will be brought in the coming months to expand on different physical, print and web applications.

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