Leader in the distribution of equipment for environment professionals

Founded in 1923 by Eugène Guillebert, this company based in Lille is the market leader in equipment and tools for environment professionals in France. With a catalog of more than 5000 references, Guillebert offers the best in gardening equipment for professionals. The annual catalog, a bible for professional gardeners, is highly expected and constitutes a true reference in the profession. Managed as a family company, the teams are very close to their clients. Their strength: an irreproachable professionalism and ethics. The salesmen, extremely loyal and committed, have been collaborating with their clients for several decades.
We started a major work with Guillebert’s teams from June 2016. Our objective: to drastically change its positioning, from a catalog editor to a brand that is highly involded in its client’s everyday life. By spending time tracking the teams on the ground, we were able to observe this unique relationship that binds the salesman to its client; a shared passion and a sincere trust that allowed Guillebert to become an exemplary company.

We have thus, on these new bases, began the work of redesigning the visual identity. The new logo is composed of a bespoke wordmark and a monogram ‘EG’, as a reminder of its founder, Eugène Guillebert. All the visual codes have been carefully redefined and recorded in the graphic manual and then applied to all of the brand’s media. We also worked on the artistic direction of the new photography, centered around authentic scenes and the customers-salesmen “couples”. On the basis of this universe, we also redesigned the general catalog, the essential tool of the Guillebert arsenal. A 400-page support, which required the design of more than 60 style sheets. The new visual codes are structured and modern, with subtle graphic details that ensures the brand a relevant and timeless base.

The new Guillebert, launched on March 1, 2017, was unanimously adopted by both sales teams and customers. New developments will take place in the coming months.

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